Those who read my post on the Autumn launches of Estee Lauder, would probably have noticed how I instantly fell in love with their eye shadow duo in Clouds – a gorgoeus, vibrant navy. I created a quick blue eye with it on that post but thought I’d run through the rest of the products I used, as a few of them are also new and worked really well with the look.

It is essentially the two products from Estee Lauder, the duo in Clouds and the liquid liner in Graphite. The Graphite liquid liner has quite a stiff nib, but this is great for getting really precise lining, and worked really well in particular with the blue. When used to line, it provided just a shot of shimmer that catches the light wonderfully, in a neat, clean way. The staying power of it is amazing, too! Maybe a little too amazing; that swatch on my hand refuses to budge even after several hand washes and some washing up! Try and avoid getting it on your lashes though as it can get a little cakey on those hairs (not nice for adding mascara onto after).
To finish off the look I used some of this new bd by Barbara Daly Eye Liner Polish in Dramatic Black, which one would suspect was a gel, but in actuality I think it’s more a cake. You have to work the brush into it a bit more than you would with a gel, but the inky black effect you get from it is just the same!
I am really adoring this pot liner at the moment, it’s cheap (around the £4 mark), isn’t messy, will last you a life time and easy to apply; it just glides on. I’ve only worn it a few times so far but I really like the staying power and noticed very minimal running or smudging, only the slightest bit of crumbling but that was tested in extreme partying conditions (we’re talking waking up with it on!). A big contender for the pricier brands!
I received some brushes from KIM a week or so ago, a foundation brush, a lip brush and this eye brush;  E131. As you can see, I’ve used the eye brush to apply this liner and it works beautifully! Really easy to get a straight line and you can even re-use it several hours later without washing – could be a combination of the pot liner and brush but either way it worked fine and didn’t go stiff with product like many other brushes would.
Finally, I just finished off the ‘blue eye’ look with mascara!
Loving all these products at the minute, really good quality.
Products used:
Estee Lauder Eye Shadow Duo in Clouds
Estee Lauder Liquid Liner in Graphite
bd Make up by Barbara Daly Eye Liner Polish in Dramatic Black (Not out till August 22nd!)
KIM Eye Brush E131 (Available HERE)
Max Factor False Lash Effect Fusion Mascara in Black