As I was attempting to brush my ratty, desperately in need of  a cut, over-dyed, knotty hair, I said out loud, ‘I need to get a better hair brush..’.
Just goes to show the power of cosmic ordering and all that stuff, as later that very day I got an email in my inbox asking me to review some brushes by Denman. I had actually set my sight on getting a fancy schmancy Mason Pearson brush, good brushes are a worthwhile life time investment, but thought I’d try these out first and see how they fared.
I requested to try Denman D81 Medium Porcupine Brush; a natural bristle brush with ‘porcupine-effect’ nylon quill, and they also kindly sent me a couple of others too. I chose a natural bristle brush as over the years all that’s ever been drilled into me by hair dressers and specialists is that natural bristle is best for hair as hair is natural, like likes like, basically. Also, I’ve gotten so used to only using natural my head now hurts if I use something else!
 Well, I have to say I’m completely won over by this brush! My long, ratty, desperately in need of a cut hair gets de-knotted swiftly and effortlessly with it. As my hair is thin, it gets through all my hair and I do feel like I’m getting a good, decent brush using it (although if you hair is thicker you might have to get a different size/variation of this brush). Plus, as gross as this sounds, when you’re hair is in the in-between stages of freshly washed to in need of a wash (as long hair often is), it spreads the grease from your roots to the ends. Which sounds yuck, but is better than very dry ends and a little greasy roots. The natural bristles really polish my hair and make it shiny, and help keep it styled and in place. I genuinely will be holding off buying the Mason Pearson number as this more than suffices!
 It comes in three sizes (and this isn’t even the only natural hair brush they do!), and other than the smallest being obviously most ideal for handbag it really just equates to different hair types and lengths. I am probably going to pick up the smallest one as well and keep it as a handbag essential as I like it so much. Being so affordable too, it’s easy to have multiple brushes for multiple purposes. These are quality brushes, however the smallest only starts from £8 and the largest is only£12.
They also sent me a Classic Styling Brush (D4 Large 9 Row Styling Brush, the white plastic bristle one) which I didn’t get on very well with as having thin hair and a sensitive scalp, found it too diggy inny, even for blow drying, and this handbag compact travel brush (D7 Hairbrush Compact).
 As I mentioned, I can only really use natural bristles now as anything else hurts my sensitive scalp (I even used to groan in agony when my mum tried to brush my hair as a child!), but this compact hairbrush is worth a mention as it’s only £2.56 and is perfect for the handbag. I’ve tried it a few times and whilst it’s not as comfortable usage as the natural bristles it suffices for getting a few knots out for when on the go. It fits in your palm, folds into itself and comes with its own mirror! Shame the bristles are plastic but hey, for this cheap what do you expect? Although I wouldn’t mind paying a little extra and getting a natural bristle version. What say you, Denman? Will you think about it?