Acne,  what beauty conscious women wants nasty bacteria lurking in their pores!  Your face is your image!  If you don't know certain beauty tips and make-up tricks to rid yourself of this of this universal problem, then you will be doomed from the first squeeze!  So what tips on beauty do I have in store for you on this subject?  You would have never thought that toothpaste can help eliminate this unsightly and most times irritable facial issue, but it definitely works and here's why.  Pimples develop inside of hair follicles and produce "Sebum" which is very oily and lubricates the skin.  This causes clogging of the pores therefore producing your little friend THE ZIT, that will stay with you for the 7-10 days.  Applying toothpaste to the culprit eliminates the pimple by killing the bacteria with and ingredient in the paste which has not been pin pointed and it works very well I might add!   I just applied it to a pimple late last night and the little sucker is history!  Green tea is another popular remedy and older beauty secret where the antioxidants in the tea, help dissolve acne, this one does require that you wash your face with the tea morning and evening for 3 day, and you should see noticiable results.  Applying clay and also steaming your face helps open up those pores and will have you looking like the beauty that you are in no time.! The video below supplies addition remedies to help you get rid of acne and hopefully gives you  the results you need.  So what home made remedies have you used in the past to get rid of acne?  Leave me a comment below, any extra information always helps!  Thanks again for stopping by and I'll see ya real soon....

Toothpaste: An Unusual But Effective Remedy

Steam it out! Opens up the pores To release bacteria

Clay Will extract all Of Your Impurities

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