tokyohive had the pleasure of attending the pre-screening of Aoi Sola’s new indie film/documentary, “Three☆Points”. Directed by Yamamoto Masashi and hosted by the Japan Society of New York, the work gave a fascinating look into the sub-cultures bordering on the fringes of Japanese society. Without further ado, check out the exclusive Interview with Director Yamamoto Masashi and Aoi Sola!

Videography + Post Production: Matt Marasigan
Three☆Points takes a cold hard look at the rough edges of Japanese society in three locales: Kyoto, with its scene of rough-and-tumble semi-bohemian, down-and-out rappers; Okinawa, where crab-fishing and hanging out with American GIs give a glimpse of Okinawans just getting by; and Tokyo, where a girl named Saki falls into a strange and slightly terrifying relationship with a random Tokyo drifter (Murakami Jun) who saves her from a street gang.
If you are an open-minded person with a sense of humor, we definitely recommended you go see the film. It’s very unique and provides a one-of-a-kind glimpse into these eclectic worlds!
Also, make sure to check out our exclusive Interview with Aoi Sola at our office and enter for a chance to win a signed polaroid from Aoi!

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