Setting up crib bedding sets for their newborn is every parent’s dream.  A good parent wants to make sure their baby gets a good amount of quality sleep time in a stable nursery which is properly assembled. However, putting together the whole thing can be quite a frustrating task, be it a baby boy or a babygirl bedding set. The same question concerns every new parent – how to avoid the common blunders while assembling your toddler’s crib?
Putting together a crib bedding set isn’t as fun as it may seem. However, once you have an instruction manual in your hands, the task can definitely become a lot easier for you.

Reading the Directions Properly

Many parents, while working on their baby’s crib bedding set, don’t even bother reading the instructions and jump right into assembly mode. This is the main reason why they face problems in the later stages of assembling. Safety is the most important priority, so you should never throw the directions away before reading them as you might miss a crucial step.
If the crib has been set up and you’ve missed an important safety tip, it may be a danger putting your baby boy or baby girl in the bedding set as a poorly assembled crib might even collapse at one point.

Fixing the Drop Side

Always fix both the front and back of the crib bedding set. After over a dozen infant deaths caused, the drop-sided cribs were recalled. If you’ve still mistakenly bought one, then remember to fix the drop side by taking a few bolts and screwing them tight. You would be putting your infant in harm’s way if the drop side doesn’t remain fixed.


Once you’re done with all the work, go through each step again on the instruction manual to make sure everything’s in the right place. Do a complete inspection to make sure the whole crib bedding set is stable and not shaky. All the screws and bolts should be tight and there shouldn’t be any sharp edges or other harmful objects poking out as they may hurt your infant.
Whether you’re expecting a baby boy or a baby girl, the bedding set is always a necessity for your baby as the little one would stay in it all the time. Hence, the crib needs to be properly assembled. Not paying much attention to detail and putting the crib together carelessly may prove to be very costly.

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