Below is a list of 15 most expensive shop in the United States, the average value calculated according to the Bill at each store. Accordingly, Oscar de la Renta is the most expensive store with average spending level of customers is 3,217 dollars.
1. Oscar De La Renta(Oscar de la Renta)
The Bills average: 3,217 USD,
Venue: New York.
This is the most expensive in the United States with an average customer purchases is 3,217 dollars. Even a typical cocktail dress are also at least $ 10,000. According to the survey, if spending of customers over 65 years of age (1/3 the total number of customers shopping at the store) is 1,000 USD, then this will level the average shopping are a lot higher.

2. Georgio Armani (Armani at Macy's |

The Bills average: 2,881 USD,
Venue: New York,
Debuted at number 2 is a shop are also located on Madison Avenue, owned by legendary designer Georgio Armani. Best selling products here is for female name Georgio Armani, raising the average USD price per shopping bills 2,881.According to the survey, 30% of customers shopping here is the pair, and they spent about 32% of his income for these types of clothing and accessories. In addition, about 10% of the total number of clients is families.
3. Loro Piana(Loro Piana)

The Bills average: 2,818 USD,
Venue: Boston (Massachusetts).
Loro Piana is a brand of Spanish fashion and shop is located in the city of Boston, Massachusetts-which is famous for the prestigious universities. Loro Piana is famous for its fashion by len casơmia for male and female. There is also a service to change the details on clothing if the customer requests.
4. Akris (Akris | Shop for Akris at ShopStyle)

The Bills average: 2,649 USD,
Venue: New York,
Akris fashion brand specializes in providing clothing items and accessories, with a long history since 1922. Initially this fashion brand selling primarily polka dots with the magazine dề, also present unique users the most precious fabrics to design clothes and accessories for women.
5. Maxfield (Maxfield)

The Bills average: US $ 2,258,
Location: Los Angeles (California),
In addition to apparel and women, this store is also famous for its collection of scented candles and perfumes, leather bags, Hermes and special fabrics. Here also sell products of famous brands such as perfume unisex clothing by Commes De Garcon or women of Chanel and accessories.
6. Chanel (CHANEL - Fashion Shows & Accessories,)
The average rates bill: $ 2,115,
Location: New York,
Chanel mainly supply the fashion for women with clothing, accessories, fragrances, makeup, skin care products, jewelry and copper lake. Chanel which is known for abstract style and distinction. The data show that 20% of the shoppers here are the couples.
7. Bruno Crucinelli (Brunello Cucinelli)
 The average rates bill: $ 2,032,
Location: New York,
Bruno Crucinelli chain that sells men's and women fashion items. Survey shows 10% of the customers here are single men, and about 9% of them return to shopping. In addition, consumer groups over 75 years of age accounted for 20%, group accounts for 30% of couples.
8. Blake   (Blake Official)

Average billing rates: 2008 USD,
Location: Chicago (Illinois),
This is a brand new specializes in providing outstanding female fashion, with folk schools in each of the products, even sports fashion plate of this brand also inspired Us to design style.
9. Savannah (Savannah GA Hotels Restaurants)

 The average rates bill: $ 1,970,
Location: Santa Monica, California,
This shop specializes in providing products fashion designers like Manolo Gonzalez Nancy Bahanik or with jewels and the most advanced footwear .
10. Alexander McQueen(Alexander McQueen)
 The Bills average: 1,901 USD,
Venue: New York,
Alexander McQueen brand was created by one of the most mysterious names in the fashion world. The majority of the collections are for women, but a small part of this brand products to serve men. Dear customers of special people, accounting for 40% of the total number of customers love shopping here.
11. Tom Ford (Tom Ford)

The average rates bill: $ 1,797,
Location: New York,
In addition to providing luxury fashion items of men and women, the brand is famous for designing sunglasses and expensive perfumes, particularly is for men. Approximately 50% of customers here on the ages of 36 to 65, they spend about 40% of their income to purchase luxury items here. 12. Lanvin (LANVIN Paris)
 The average rates bill: $ 1,787,
Location: New York,
The brand was founded in 1889 by Jeanne Lanvin, beginning with the luxury fashion products for the elite in France. The brand became famous for the beaded and embroidered items neat pattern for women, on the company's products are also transferred to serve men. As one of fashion's oldest surviving in France, Lanvin is the favorite brand of celebrities such as Nicole Kidman, Kate Moss or Sophia Coppola.
13. Ascot Chang (Ascot Chang – Bespoke Shirtmakers Since)

The average rates bill: $ 1,752,
Location: New York,
Is one of the luxury fashion brand known just for men. For customers of the stores are single men, and men over 50, they spent on average $ 1,500, although the price of the product is much higher here. 14% of the single customer come back the 2nd purchase.
14. Chloe (Chloé)
 The Bills average: 1,673 USD,
Venue: New York,
This shop specializes in selling women's fashion designer Chloe. Ms. Gaby Aghion brand Chloe was founded in 1952. In the 1950s of the 20th century before, Chloe was going to refuse to take the "hard" fashion trends to innovative costume bring softness and can awaken all the senses of the body from the material well. So far, this style is still engraved illustrations in the design of the company. Main customer groups of the catalog in the age of 50-65 and the single lady has spent over $ 1,000 for each shopping here.

15. Marrisa Collections (Marissa Collections) 

The average rates bill: $ 1,608,
Location: Naples (Florida),
Stores in operation in the city of Naples since 1975 and specializes in selling designer shoes, clothing, jewelry, and handbags. There is also renowned for products of the luxury fashion brand in addition to the popular expression. This has attracted a large number of customers shopping here.