Looks like Trey Songz intends to change his name to Trey Filmz. Which is bad news for Leatherface, who might have met his match in the R&B crooner/less-violent-version-of-Chris Brown in  The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3D.
As the boyfriend to Alexis Daddario‘s lead character who finds herself the new owner of Leatherface, Songz will have to try to avoid taking a hammer to the head and deal with the pressures of being a psychopath’s step-daddy. Newcomer Dan Yeager has also joined the cast as the man behind the mask himself, Leatherface. Is he prepared for Songz’z sultry and silky-smooth scream, or will his knees buckle causing him to drop his chainsaw on himself? We’ll have to see. (Variety and THR)

If you’re a fan of teen-oriented fantasy films (the kind without oversexed vampires) you might recognize Alexandra Daddario and her crazy-blue eyes from Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightening Thief. Daddario, who kicked off her career in 2002 with a recurring role in daytime soap classic “All My Children,” is set to appear in the Farrely brothers latest offering, Hall Pass, out this week. Based on production stills from the film, she’ll play a cute chick that Owen Wilson encounters in a bar before… Sex? I don’t know. Probably something like that. Whatever happens, you won’t be paying attention, because Daddario will have you trapped in the unbreakable tractor beam of her headlamp eyes.
A word from Alexandra: “I grew up in an environment where acting wasn’t necessarily considered a real career — you go to college, you go to Harvard and you become a lawyer or a doctor. But that wasn’t something that I loved and I knew that I wanted to be an actress.”