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With a cast that includes Daniel Craig, Naomi Watts and Rachel Weisz, the Dream House team don’t need to say much about their film in order to ensure audiences. So it makes total sense for them to produce a trailer that completely gives away what has to be one of the central twists. Hmmm. Spoilers alert, kids…
Dream House, directed by Jim Sheridan, focusses on a happy, deeply attractive married couple (Craig and Weisz) who move into a new family home with their made-for-a-horror-flick adorable daughters. But it isn’t long before things start going bump in the night, and when they discover that grisly murders have taken place in their perfect palace – and that the killer might still be on the loose – they begin to question everything. See how we outlined the plot without giving anything away? See how that happened? Now, watch the trailer, and let everything get ruined:

I know, right? We’re sure that there’s plenty more shocks in store, but it does seem rather mental to give away what seems to be the central conceit of the film. What do you think? Justifiable?
"Some say that all houses have memories. For one man, his home is the place he would kill to forget." Is that the extended tagline? Universal has finally unveiled the first official trailer via Apple for Jim Sheridan's new suspense thriller Dream House, starring Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz as a couple that moves into a house that seems to be haunted, or stalked, or something like that. The trailer gives away quite a bit of the plot, but is still somewhat confusing, regarding multiple families and Craig's character. I can't say I'm particularly interested in seeing this, but you never know, it might be okay. Give it a shot and check this out.
Watch the first trailer for Jim Sheridan's Dream House via Apple:
You can also watch the Dream House trailer in High Defintion on Apple
Daniel Craig, Naomi Watts and Rachel Weisz star in Dream House, a suspense thriller about a family that moves into a home where grisly murders were committed... only to find themselves the killer's next target.
Dream House is directed by Oscar nominated acclaimed Irish filmmaker Jim Sheridan, of My Left Foot, The Field, In the Name of the Father, The Boxer, In America, Get Rich or Die Tryin' and Brothers most recently. The screenplay was written by David Loucka, of The Dream Team, Eddie and Borderline previously. After a couple of delays, Universal is finally bringing Dream House to theaters starting September 30th this fall.

 A theatrical trailer has been released for the mysterious thriller ‘Dream House’, starring Daniel Craig. Does it reveal too much about the film?

Despite having some great talent working on both sides of the camera, Dream House was scripted by David Loucka, whose credits include the little-seen (but not well-liked) crime/thriller Borderline and the 1996 Razzie-nominated Whoopi Goldberg comedy, Eddie.
Sadly, that less-than-stellar resume does nothing to lighten the poor impression left by this Dream House trailer, which comes off as far too revelatory for its own good and makes the film look like a mashup of plot points from effective thrillers like Shutter Island, The Machinist, The Shining, and just about every other film made that revolves around a protagonist whose questionable sanity is meant to leave you wondering if they’re being haunted by supernatural forces – or if they’re just crazy.
While the Dream House footage looks decent from a technical perspective (it appears to be shot and edited well enough) this trailer just doesn’t do the film any favors. Neither does the decision to have Craig and Weisz adopt what, in my opinion, come off as strained American accents, for that matter.
Dream House is scheduled for theatrical release in the U.S. on September 30th, 2011. Does it look promising to you?
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