I absolutely love this outfit. I love the colour palette for this and I’m looking forward to wearing this tottering around Paris (even though I hear it’s raining there at the moment! – boo) I hope it clears up though…

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Thank you @ Love Clothing for my dress & heels + @ Romwe for my beautiful bag <3
Hey guys! Sorry I’ve been a little slack lately with posting, trying to organize everything before I embark on my lovely holiday with Ronan! Originally we were going to Paris for 4 days & then down to the south of France to see my mum for 6 days but since I’m in the top 250 for the Next Competition, we have to go from Paris to London in the middle of our holiday! But it’s not like I’m complaining.
We’re basicly getting 3 holidays in one, it’s going to be mental! I’m also very nervous now about the competition but I’ll take each day as it comes :)
How amazing is this bag!!
& Yummy shoes :)