I have been SOOO lazy. And busy. But mostly lazy.. So I'm very sorry for not posting like.. 3 weeks?! It's nothing personal, you know that, don't you? :(
I've also just had boring nails these last few weeks, but yesterday I decided to do something special for you, me and halloween.

It's Frankenstein and Jack'o Lantern!
I got inspired by xsparkage and nailswatches, and had to buy a new colour green for Frankie's face, neongreen was a little too much, he looked sick. :( For Jack'o I used sun worshiper from the China Glaze poolside collection, which was honestly a little too much, especially since the green is kinda dull. But at least they're super noticable! The green is 'Lime up!' from Essence.China Nails | Made-in-China.com

I hope I made it up to you a little bit for not posting so long :(

Till next time!


ps. I also turned my nails square-ish. I'm not sure how I feel about it, I might go back to round. What do you think?