I'm sorryyyy, I'd like to say I've been too busy to blog, but honestly I was just being lazy.
Plus, I have to take pictures in daylight, when I'm usually at school or.. well, lazy. ^^' please forgive? I'll try to make an effort ;)http://www.nailsonline.eu/en/konad-231524.html

Today is the first of the series of imageplates I will show you. I want to do a post like this about all my imageplates, but it will take some time, so be patient ;)

This one is about imageplate M30, which I stamped over H&M's "bella's choice":

As you can see there's 7 images on this plate: a frog, a doggie, a pig, a monkey, a rabbit, a ladybug and a cat.

The ladybug and the cat are my favourite ^_^

What's your favourite Konad plate?