The disadvantage for Mila Kunis is that she has set the bar INCREDIBLY high. There was no way she was going to keep her streak alive of really interestingly gorgeous stuff, because all such streaks end eventually: Mila Kunis Web,The Mila Kunis Picture Pages,
The Patriots eventually lose, Susan Lucci eventually wins, even Mad Man and Vampire Diaries have had some boring episodes here and there. It happens. And it’s not that this is bad, or a snoozeathon — in fact the color is nice and the bodice is sort of trying something — but it’s just not… I don’t know. What more was I expecting? Why can’t I embrace it fully? Will this be one of life’s great mysteries, like why there are secretly so many Cutting Edge sequels? (THREE. Four movies total! I KNOW.)Mila Kunis Videos, Pics, News, Bio - AskMe
This brings the bodice into sharper relief, but it also illuminates... well, it could be related detail at the pelvis and knees, but it looks suspiciously like bunching. It's kind of distracting. She has an awesome body. Doesn't this kind of... if not detract, then at least distract from it?

AGAIN... nice? Mostly? That also applies to her companion here. I have to say, I know he's usually -- albeit incredibly repetitively -- funny on SNL, but I don't... JT is not.... what I'm saying is, the line forming to his left does not have me in it. It's not SOLELY because I am not feeling the suit, but that may have been what pushed me into speaking my mind. It's not bad, really, but couldn't it have been better? Which brings me back to Mila.

WHATEVER my, or your, opinion of this dress is, it won't change how awesome this photo is. I'm in love with her shadow. I kind of wish she had just sent it to the premiere instead.

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