After my previous article Hotfile premium Link Generator,Which does not work for my most of the readers,I am back with new one more technique to help you to download file as premium user from Hotfile.

Premium cookies are those cookies which provides us authorization or rights to access the premium account without actually having or Owning it. Cookies are basically strings that have the information of the session for a particular user and the website path. By using the premium cookies, we can get the access of the premium account access and thus we can download as much as we want from Hotfile
1) Sign up a new Free account on the site that you want to use premium cookie.

2) Install "Cookie Editor" addon ( ) then restart your Firefox browser.

3) Sign in with your signed account.

4) From the Firefox menu, click to Tools then select Cookie Editor.

5) Double click to "Hotfile" site with "auth" value ( only signing into free account you will able to see under line in picture darked auth ) .
6) Paste this value to "Content" and click to Save button.
7)Copy/Paste the link to the browser that you want to download.

So friends, I hope you all liked it... If you have any doubts ask me in form of comments.

Enjoy .....