Drew and I met eight years ago, back when I was dating his good friend and he was growing his hair out. He wore a lot of beanies back then and always carried around Chapstick in a sweatband around his wrist. I was letting the blue in my hair fade into a lovely greyish white and made a swift transition from Carmex to Burt's Bees. We met at a Steak 'n Shake, which is how half of the stories in my life begin, since there was absolutely nothing else to do in the middle of the night and that's just what college kids did. He was experiencing heartache and Matt and I went to cheer him up. Well, Matt did. I went along because I was his girlfriend and thus it was my duty to feign empathy for the unbelievably tall guy who was hiding behind his hair. I kid, I kid. But really, isn't he unbelievably tall? He loves when you point that out, because sometimes he forgets. Does he play basketball?

Upon meeting said tall and heartbroken guy, I was surprised to meet a very funny, somewhat sardonic and obviously resilient character; he had me laughing the whole time. We did nothing to cheer him up but he gave us both a pat on the back for being good cheerer-uppers. Afterward, he said to me, "I like you, and I don't like many of the girls Matt has dated." That was a big statement, because Matt dated many girls before me. Maybe even all of them, ever, in all of existence. "We can be friends," he continued, "but not too good of friends, because there are boundaries." You know, just in case I was planning on seducing him or something. Matt's other girlfriends must have been so scandalous. Or he was just being a smart alec, which was the likelier of the two.

As the above picture of us makes evident, we became and still are good friends, despite the fact that Matt and I did not work out. It might be Miku who kept our friendship going because let's face it, she's a pup you forever want in your life and though she wasn't born when we first met, she eventually formed a strong bond with Drew. He's my confidant, though more akin to an actual therapist (I'm not paying him, so I say confidant).  He's also possibly the most successful of all of my friends and I plan on being his friend forever and riding his coattails, because that's what good friends do.

And we are good friends. But not too good of friends, because there are boundaries.

Outfit Details:
lace button up - c/o Threadsence
vintage skirt - Beacon's Closet
shoes - Target
Chelsea handbag - c/o Coach
flowers in my hair - DIY clip
nail polish - Estée Lauder Hot Coral
lipstick - Rich Raspberry ELF lipstick
Drew - 6'7
me - 5'7