Baek Sang Film Award 2011 and Ryu, gimah community of film and TV for the past one year the total mangrahae draws winners in total 26 categories. Lee Sang Arts Awards in the day, Kim Ah Jung, Ryu, jung, eum, namgyuri, Moon Geun-young, Nam, minhyorin, jeongyonghwa, Lee, Min, songjunggi, bakhaseon, Tower, Han Hyo-joo, woo, yunsiyun, hongsuah, Seo, Park Min, Joanne, joyeojeong, tangweyi, gimsaeron, s Ok Taecyeon, resin, bakyucheon, Park Jin-young, eomgijun, Lee Si and lays out red carpet to attend the parade.
Two ropge the spring unfolds Awards expression Sang Arts Awards last night was held on TV movies encompassing awards is a candidate too many toxic Whites awards ceremony celebrities and necklaces to achieve enough prestigious awards is a big number of the actresses came out I naturally, the competition will be held been emphasis on the glamorous look in good shape, thanks to volume two has seen great success

Hongsuah known as body volume in a flurry, yuinna, minhyorin, Joan and pyeolchyeotguyo red carpet appearances to promote the most visible players hongsuah ttuingeon also do not know what was the main business as an unidentified hypothalamic expression of the performer's costume, the exposure Flood came to know prominent actor did not disappoint this time the red carpet of the most distinguished gapyieotneyo
Hongsuah wearing out costumes volumes emphasizing dress and Olivia hatse reminds of so colorful as has a corset-like medieval costume is a blatant collect snow where to put you do not know enough dazzling appearance, and has launched freaked out enough radical outfits, but so in the voluminous He's achieved well digested because of its good
Include incentives to promote, expand the second player or I will not be tempted to emphasize the voluminous red dress tyubeutap intense color and costume of the probably more attracted I was still in the hardware of the outstanding geulraemeoreoseuruk minhyorinyi eomeyijinghan voluminous to patrons Normal eye Joan was captured, but was put on a good play

This year the red carpet shark hongsuah, yuinna, minhyorin, Joan's nice to play the goddess of the feast chief doegoya not have the volume's Nam, Ko and actresses Name belryu herpes Although high elastic body, the knee of a young actress not have kkulgoya Concern was even pretty face and a generous figure of an actress in the play of the day was moved to