Sangam World Cup Stadium in Mapo pm 28 days from the 'I love the 17th Republic of Korea 2011 Dream Concert' was held.
GIST, Ask, and moderated by songjunggiui 2011 Dream Concert DBSK, Kara, Shinee, Beast, Minute, 2PM, FT Island, F, X, or, Miss this, lyrics, Gook, Secret, ssiseuta, IU , Rainbow, After School, Kiss, Jerome, K., Jewelry, Tiara, Five Dolls, Flower-class singers, including 24 national team, the best festival of the music industry and opened to me.
Entertainment Producers Association managers gathered at the Dream Concert is organized each year by artists only free day for many singers who came to serve, but was torn to tattered collar sealed a dramatic appearances of fellow registered potowol issues far from the concert last hwinalre MC Chapter two of the party was over until the Collar
Excellent performances of several artists ask unfolded shape of MC, but will remain in memory for a department GIST songjunggiwa Photo wall because she was interested in plain clothes came out wearing a costume, Part 2 andugo was surprised to see the coming of the Greek goddess think this elegant Volume up to the utmost upper body was blue dress collection dress was
These costumes are a little lean volumes that line which seek to collect it so that's not the glamorous star? But my own reporting supposed to produce a rich feel quite surprised to see something brand-new actin Ask Ask the omniscient looks singwado or scenes that do not believe this had even a giddy
Thanks to all the guys at the center of attention got everybody's sweet of you ask, was that the melting namsimyi huhaneyo Kara served as stepping stones in the process of closure of Japan donated 100 million won deposit for an earthquake to open betting and live music industry in recession salsinseongin Tian went ahead and was impressed with the attitude of the goddess of salvation was