Have you heard about Nutz Apparel?
Nutz happened to be a Brand apparel collection in fashion Casualties.
What's so special about their products is the Nutz mascot that blended in their T-Shirts. Not to mention that their packaging is super creative too! They will simply put the shirt into the Pea-Nutz signature jar each time you make a purchase as the box, interesting? Check out the signature jar below ;)http://www.nutzapparel.com/

Super cute and lovely, isn't it?
Anyway, they will launch the Nutz for women soon! And fortunately, I had the chance to wear some of  them beforehand (I know how lucky I am).

Here's the Nutz basic shirt (the mascot is so cute, right?!)

Alright, this is the Fashion Munster Pose.

"Our high quality products and designs are combination of unique blend of ideas, sense of humor that everybody could wear it in their every day lives."

And here's the "He is Nutz" shirt for women that will be coming soon on their website.

Tell me what do you think! and don't forget to check Nutz Apparel's website www.nutzapparel.com
and facebook page facebook.com/nutzapparel =)

"Grab it, Wear it, Laughed at it & Be Nutz!"

Note: Both highlighter high waisted pants are from Chocochips.