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For a 13-year-old, Elle Fanning – seen here grocery shopping in LA – is quite the busy model/actress. I guess when Dakota Fanning is your big sister, the bar is set a little higher than graduating from high school.
Her debut in Sophia Coppola‘s Somewhere was just the beginning. She was chosen at the Young Hollywood Awards for their Actress of the Year Honors. From there she’s graced the cover of Blackbook Magazine and inspired Marc Jacob in his upcoming Fall ad campaign. And now in her short career, has she taken a stab at a little controversy?

In the upcoming cover of LOVE, issue #6 – Elle’s wild blonde hair is pinned back with a white bow and a statement ring adorns her prayered hands. The issue caption reads: “432 pages of discipline, obsession and desire.”

Not sure what the interior pages will reveal with a 13-year-old on the cover, but when the issue hits stands next week, we’ll be sure to find out!