Gorgeous and curvy reality tv personality Christina Aguilera promoted her new fragrance “Royal Desire” in Munich, Germany yesterday…

I actually don’t think she looks good. I like her curvy and I don’t think she needs to be super skinny, but I think she could benefit from losing a few pounds right now. Her body frame is very petite and she isn’t holding this weight all that well in my opinion. I also think the heavy makeup and super fake hair is ageing her. She doesn’t need all that

She looks good?….I don’t really want to say what she looks like. But, she needs to tone down the uber white hair, and the exagerated makeup, plus the fake boobs. She makes herself look terrible.
I think she looks pretty good here, her look always seems to be dramatic. I was never a huge Christina fan, but I had one of her albums when I was younger and kind of liked her. But then when I saw her on the voice she really seemed to annoy me…did she bother anyone else?
Her body is banging (except for the ridiculous size of her chest on her petite frame). I think she would look better if she did not wear such form fitting clothes and adjusted her cup size. I am sure she looks smaller than the average person in real life. I would love to see her with a more “authentic” hair coloring — just not so blonde. Oh and the make-up is on too heavy.
By the way, I am new to the blog so this is my first comment. Seems like an entertaining site =)
Honestly she just looks average to me. Nothing special about her face or body, just well dressed with poorly done expensive makeup and hair styling. She looks like a standard rich girl. She has not aged gracefully because it looks like she refuses to acknowledge she is now a mother and 10 years older than her career peak.
Yes she did bother me on The Voice too. She was always talking over the other judges when they were speaking. It seems that her role on The Voice and her looks nowadays is an attempt to show the world that she is a cool strong and sexy woman who is comfortable with herself. However she does not fool me. Hiding behind a show and make-up is not the way to go, but on the other hand everyone goes through difficult times and deals with it differently and I guess this is her way of doing it in the lime light.